holi_festYou are planning your own colorful event? Or are you working on your newest creative project? We got what you are looking for! Brighten up your life with our Holi Gulal Powder!


No matter if you only need a small amount of powder or would like to place a bulk order, we can supply you with high-quality Holi Gulal Powder. You are planning your own Holi Festival and need a huge amount of powder? Have you thought about distributing the powder through our own Holirausch stall at your festival? Contact us for an individual offer!

Our Holi-Gulal powder is:

– water soluble and easy to clean – skin-compatible – nontoxic

Find out more about the Indian Holi-Festival by clicking here or order your own color miracle in our shop!


1.) What exactly is Holi Gulal Powder? Holi Gulal Powder only consists of  natural ingredients (corn starch and food dye) and  originates from the Indian Spring-Festival “Holi”. 2.) What is a Holi-Festival?  A Holi-Festival is one big colorful party, where people from all over the world get together to cherish the day and have a good colorful time together.  3.) How do I use the Holi powder? It is really easy to use:  just grab as much Holi powder as you can carry and throw it in the air. Additionally you can add a little water to the powder to turn it into paint. However, the colors should not get into contact with your eyes, mouth or mucous membranes. If you do, rinse carefully with water or consult a doctor. 4.) Is the Holi powder washable? What should I wear?  The colors have the biggest effect on white clothes and are easy to wash out. However, we recommend not to wear your best clothes as the easy cleaning depends on your washing machine and the detergent you use. 5.) How much Holi powder do I need for my event? We recommend 4 to 6 packages of Holi Gulal Powder per person to achieve a bright color effect. 6.) Will the powder color my hair?  In general the Holi powder will wash out of your hair easily. However, if you have dyed your hair blonde there is a small chance that the powder will settle in damaged hair. To prevent the coloring we recommend to treat your hair with oil before using the Holi powder. But don´t worry, if the powder colors your hair it will wash out after a few times washing your hair. To speed up the cleansing process you could use anti-dandruff shampoo, aspirin disolved in water, olive oil with with citric acid or hair bleach. We do not assume liability for colored hair since the coloring depends on the level of damaged hair. 


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